Free DNS setup from Sun Hosting

If you already have a live Web site hosted with another company, or if you registered your Internet domain name with another registrar, don’t worry

Whichever hosting plan you decide to choose, Sun Hosting will gladly reconfigure the DNS (domain name server) settings for your domain for free. There are many hosting companies that don’t provide that service or will charge you a fee for doing it. Not at Sun Hosting.

Free DNS setup

Here are some facts about domain names that you should know about.

In most of the cases we deal with, DNS reconfiguration is a very simple process that takes us less than a minute to do. If you registered your domain somewhere else, you should have access to your domain registrar’s control panel.

From there you should be able to correct your domain’s DNS settings. All we need to perform this simple operation for you are enumerated below this paragraph:

  • Your domain’s registrar name (Ex. GoDaddy, Network Solutions,, etc.)
  • Your User ID
  • Your password

For your own security and protection, once we’ve performed the DNS change for you, you can go back to your registrar’s control panel and change your password to a new one.

A small primer on DNS

DNS (Domain Name Service or Domain Name Servers) works in a similar fashion to telephone numbers. As much as phone numbers are unique, so are Web servers. When we setup a new server, it has its own unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, just like a phone number. Your domain name ( needs to be assigned a fixed IP address. When we set the DNS at your registrar, we are in fact telling everybody on the Internet that your Web site is hosted at a specific server IP address and that is how people can and will find your site. The same is true of today’s major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Server IP addresses are fixed and never change, so once you’ve set your DNS to point to Sun Hosting’s servers, you won’t have to ever change that again as long as you are hosted with us.

Sun Hosting has a long experience in the registering, management, DNS setup and transfer of registrar of all domain names and in all available extensions.

If you have any DNS-related question or if you’re experiencing a DNS setup problem, we will happily assist you. Just write at this email address and give us a brief description of the problem encountered, along with your day-time phone number and/or email address where we can reach you, and one of our experienced DNS administrators will contact you with a solution.

At Sun Hosting, all new customers benefit of a free domain name for the first year. This is available on all of our hosting plans, provided you sign up for a whole year, paid 12 months in advance. On all monthly plans (paid monthly), our regular domain registration cost of $25 a year is applicable.