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Professional IT Consultation Services

Not sure exactly what you should do about your IT infrastructure? Are you still pondering whether you should keep your IT resources in-house or outsource them to a professional server collocation facility? Or maybe your CFO wants you to reduce your IT expenditures by 20 percent or more and you're not sure how you can accomplish that, while still providing the same level of IT services to your company?

If those are some of the questions that are keeping you up at night, then Sun Hosting can help you and your company. We offer professional IT consultation services to Fortune 500 companies, small and medium size businesses, government agencies and non profit organizations in Canada and the U.S.

No project is too big or too small. In the past five years, Sun Hosting has been called upon to offer advice on some very complex, mission-critical IT applications that serve a very special niche.

In business since 1995, Sun Hosting is staffed with experienced and very knowledgeable IT engineers, Cisco-certified network professionals, Red Hat Enterprise Linux-certified engineers, Microsoft MCSE senior technicians, etc.

We have the resources, the talent and the right tools to help you get your project off the ground, while helping maintain costs down and your schedule on time.

Here are just a few of the professional IT consultation services we currently offer:

  • Should your company outsource your IT infrastructure?
  • Reducing IT infrastructure costs by 20 percent or more
  • What is cloud hosting and how can it help reduce IT costs and complexity?
  • How to improve your company's IT resources and still remain on budget
  • Data center outsourcing and data center management
  • Data center planning, design and execution
  • IT infrastructure security and monitoring
  • Unix and Linux server management and security
  • Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 system management
  • Network administration, monitoring and security
  • Network penetration testing and hardening
  • Cisco and Juniper network consultation services
  • Sun Hosting is a leader in the field of professional hosting services and partners with the best firms in the industry. We also offer many White Papers on colocation hosting services, Linux and Windows system administration, network admin resources, etc.

    Simply contact us for an appointment and a Sun Hosting professional consultant will be in touch with you.

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