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Sun Hosting offers several dedicated servers and individual hosting options.

Server Colocation Services

Do you own a server? If you prefer to own and manage your server with your online casino, then install it in Sun Hosting’s state-of-the-art data center and colocation facility in Montreal, Quebec. We manage and operate data centers in Canada. Sun Hosting’s colocation services are cost-effective, and we provide you with a 99.99 percent network uptime guarantee.

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Most of our colocation customers manage their own servers and the normal maintenance they require periodically. If needed, Sun Hosting can also offer fully managed colocation services as well. You can even select the exact level of management you need to fit your exact requirements.

Web Hosting Plans

Basic Plan

Only C$6.99 a month

  • Linux Web Hosting

Starter Plan

C$10.99 a month

  • Linux Web Hosting

Power Plan

C$18.99 a month

  • Web Hosting

Large Business Plan

C$39.99 a month

  • Linux Hosting
  • 2 Web Sites

Extreme Plan

C$50.99 a month

  • Linux Hosting
  • 3 Web Sites

Jumbo Plan

C$65.99 a month

  • Linux Hosting
  • 4 Web Sites

Our Windows Web hosting packages

Windows High-Power

C$34.99 a month

  • Hosting 500 Gigs

Windows Extreme

C$45.99 a month

  • Hosting 1000 Gigs


  • ¼ Rack (2000 GB) – C$ 80 a month
  • Half Rack (2000 GB) – C$ 100 a month
  • Full Rack (2000 GB) – C$ 120 a month

Linux Dedicated Server

The only sure way you can get complete control of all your Internet applications and your online casinos is to get a fully dedicated Linux server. Located in Montreal, Quebec, Sun Hosting offers its Xeon Linux dedicated servers that run on the 64-bit version, or you have the option of choosing an Ubuntu server (long-term support). They are extremely fast and reliable.

Price: C$ 90 a month

Microsoft Windows Dedicated Servers

A fully dedicated server means that only you or your clients’ applications will run on that server, hence the name ‘dedicated’. You also get a dedicated (i.e., exclusive) IP address that won’t be shared with other websites. You also get all the resources of the server for your casino and for your applications.

Price: (1000 GB) C$ 150 a month

Price: (1000 GB) C$ 150 a month

You can also take advantage of such services:

  • Raid 1 Linux Ded. Servers
  • Raid 1 Windows Ded. Servers
  • SMTP eMail Servers
  • Clearance Ded. Servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • Cloud Hosting
  • FTP Accounts