Why Host your Site in Canada?

There are many reasons why companies like to host their Web sites and Internet applications in Canada.

There are many valid reasons companies want to host their Web site and Internet applications in Canada, and this section of our site will list some of the most important. Before you decide to choose a hosting company, give Canada some serious consideration.

Today, many American, European and Asian companies seek Canadian-only web hosting providers to host their mission-critical Internet and business applications. The reasons may vary from one company to another, but since 2012 and 2013, Sun Hosting has been consistently signing up more and more of its customers from the United States, and the trend is accelerating.

As of July 2013, American-based customers now account for about 31.6 percent of all of Sun Hosting’s clients, and we expect that percentage to increase going forward.

On this page are some of the many reasons Canadian web hosting services have become increasingly popular over the past three to four years. Canada is a very politically stable country, and the eastern part of our nation hasn’t seen any significant earthquake for over 300 years. Sun Hosting is fully owned and operated by Canadians and, as it happens, two of our largest data centers are located in Montreal, QC.

Some of the advantages of hosting in Canada

Advantage 1:
If you want your Web site to be found on the Internet and if you’re a Canadian company, it’s important that the IP address of your site points to a server located somewhere in Canada. When Canadian residents do a search on Google.ca, Yahoo.ca, MSN.ca or other similar search engines, they often select the “Canadian Content Only” button when searching for Canadian products or services.

Having a Canadian IP Address will help place your site usually in the first results page of a Canadian search engine. If you’re a Canadian company trying to reach the domestic market, it is critical that you use a Canadian hosting company. The same is true if you’re a US-based company that wants to really succeed in the Canadian market. If you’re an American company with a .com domain and most of your products can be found in Google.com or in Yahoo.com, having a .ca domain and a .ca website hosted in Canada will most assuredly insure that your product can found on Canadian search engines, without impeding your U.S.-based search results for your US-hosted website.

Advantage 2:
Globally, Canada is a well-known leader in the field of modern tele-communications and complex Internet technology. Its fast and high-quality Internet backbones are highly reliable and fully integrated with the Internet backbones in the U.S. In modern cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, Canadian hosting facilities are actually closer to the U.S. border, and enjoy better and faster IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity to major U.S. cities than many web hosting centers actually located in the United States.

Advantage 3:
On any given day, Canada produces a net surplus of electrical power which is sold to the United States. This is especially true for the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. As a result of this surplus, Canada has rarely suffered the kind of power outages and the high energy costs seen in California and in other U.S. states. Most of the power available to Canadian data centers is very environment-friendly, reliable and of a very reasonable cost. Electrical power consumption represents a signicant operating cost in all of our data centers, so operating in Canada is a major advantage for us and greatly helps us to become even more competitive.

Deciding to host your Internet applications in Canada is a good business decision.

Advantage 4:
Generally speaking, a highly skilled and educated workforce means Canadian web hosting providers can deliver quality and reliable services to companies looking for managed hosting solutions, and this without having to raise their prices. At Sun Hosting, we hire some of the best IT talent universities and technical colleges have to offer.

Advantage 5:
Since 2005, Canada has enacted rigid privacy laws that are compliant with the privacy laws in the European Union. Canadian and European companies which host in the United States, may be breaking the law if private information is not adequately protected.

The same is true if private information is made subject to American laws like the Patriot Act by hosting this information in the U.S. As a result, hosting in Canada means private information is more effectively and consistently safeguarded legally than if it would be in the United States and potentially beyond the reach of American authorities.

Advantage 6:
Ask most Americans, Europeans or Asians and they will tell you that Canada is well known for its friendliness and focus on superior customer service. We have American clients that call us “The Friendly Canucks” or “Our Friends in the Great White North”. Our goal is to serve our customers the best way we can, and if this means a ‘smiling’ email or a voice on the phone that says ‘I love my job’ then we’ve accomplished one of our main goals.

There are some that will tell you that hosting is a ‘commodity service’ and they are probably right, but even if it is, it dosen’t have to be borring or unfriendly. We like to think that we do it with sunshine, which explains why the word ‘Sun’ is part of our company’s name.

Make the right decision today and have your Web sites and Internet applications hosted in Canada. Contact Sun Hosting now and you will be happy you did.