IT infrastructure

Why should you colocate your IT infrastructure?

Choosing to relocate your ICT (information and communication technology) into an outsourced (read: colocated) data center in Canada is a sound decision which more and more CIO’s, IT managers and business executives are making today. Such a decision can save your company money and valuable resources, while freeing up the time of your IT staff.

Why should you colocate your IT infrastructure

Many research firms are asking businesses everywhere what they foresee on the future of operating in-house facilities versus outsourcing this mission-critical function to a professional data center and the results they are expecting.

Research firm Gartner predicts that overall demand for hosted and managed service firms will grow at about 25 percent in the next year, and not just from new accounts with small to mid-sized enterprises.

Even large companies with huge data centers can strongly benefit from outsourced collocation services for their Web sites, database servers, mission-critical applications, email and messaging, eCommerce sales, offsite data storage and disaster recovery. surveyed over 225 businesses in the U.S. and Canada in June 2010 and reported that almost 70 percent of IT executives surveyed said they experienced improved reliability and availability when collocating their IT resources at a professional data center versus housing it in-house.

Furthermore, an additional 54 percent of these respondents were interested in additional services offered by colocation providers.

Partnering with Sun Hosting provides a very cost effective data center solution to enterprises both large and small seeking data center space in Canada.

Some of the many advantages of partnering with Sun Hosting include:

  • Multiple cost savings — Leasing space in a Sun Hosting colocated facility is far less expensive than building your own data center. Whether you require one single rack or 1/2 rack to several hundred square feet of private cage space, the cost savings in partnering with us could be substantial.
  • Infrastructure — Sun Hosting has invested heavily in providing a dependable and resilient infrastructure to ensure that all your colocated equipment remains secure and on-line all the time. Our facilities include biometric security, man traps, fire suppression systems, closed-circuit video surveillance, fully redundant power, UPSs, diesel generators and multi-homed networks.
  • On-demand scalability — Sun Hosting provides on-demand scalability for all your IT infrastructure. As your business grows, your colocation environment grows with it, minimizing carrying costs and capital expenditures.
  • Let us show you how your business would greatly benefit from our hosting solutions. Simply email and one of our data center experts will be thrilled to discuss your colocation requirements.

    Sun Hosting operates and manages server and equipment colocation facilities within Canada and isn’t subject to the United States’ Patriot Act. For companies dealing with any Canadian client, data must reside within Canada, not exposing private and confidential information to U.S. government officials unwillingly.